How to Replace or Repair your Door Knob

How to Replace or Repair your Door Knob

This is a simple and informative article on how to replace the door knobs in your home. Now keep in mind that there are a couple of types of door knobs. One type of door knob is a simple locking door knob for your bathroom for example. These types of door knobs are common to having a latch above the base of the circular panel on the door and below the handle where you grab and turn; In the middle of each side of the system. This is a latch that you will push down when we get back to this topic.

Repair Your Door Knob

Acquiring A Nevada Electrical Contractor License

Nevada State Of Board Contractors Logo

If there is one thing in Nevada that you don't want to do as a contractor, it's to do business without obtaining the required licensing, resulting in a fine of up to $10,000. To begin the process of obtaining a license, one of the top requirements is to be able to prove that you have 3 years of education and 1 year of experience or 4 years of experience.

How to acquire a contractor license

How to build and level a storage shed foundation

How to build the proper foundation for a shed

What's up everyone! Your favorite Electrical and General Contractor team here and we're going to learn some really important stuff in this article that if you practice it enough times, maybe someday you can use it as a skill set on a contractor job. If that industry is not your cup of tea don't worry, this article will be perfect for the DIY home owner that wants to learn how to build and level a storage foundation.

How to build your shed the right way

How to spruce up your outdoor lighting and be the envy of the neighborhood

Electrical Lighting in Las Vegas

Your home should be as beautiful in the evening as it is in the day. As hard as you work to keep a clean and immaculate and presentable yard, the neighborhood, as well as yourself should be able to enjoy it in the nightfall as much as you do during sun up. Landscape lighting is easy to install and operate and it can make your home the envy of the neighborhood ;—)

DIY Front Yard Lighting