Renewable Energy ~ What you can do for your home

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Energy has major implications for our society, it's almost like breathing. We don't need it to survive However, without it our economic structure can weaken so how do we fix this? Renewable energy for your home is a great way to not only reduce your consumption but in some cases you can also profit from it. Of course not enough to launch yourself into your own get away island but it can make your life easier...

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How to repair an electrical outlet

Blog article on how to repair an electrical outlet

One of the trade jobs that arises fully equipped with a myriad of obstacles is being an electrical contractor. Electricity is capable of such destruction if it's let out on the lose so you must be very careful when handling your electrical repairs. Not every electrical repair job can be a daunting one, some are fairly simple and with the right tools you too can save some money on minor electrical needs...

How to fix your outlet

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