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A Trustworthy Las Vegas Electrical Contractor

Being a local law enforcement agencies electrical contractor isn’t just a job, it’s an honor and Synergy Companies is the local Las Vegas law enforcement agencies electrical contractor. Not just anyone can be trusted to go into a police department and start pulling wires, there must be rigorous background checks and approvals. Synergy has gone above and beyond these expectations. If the Police can trust our team than so can you with your home.
We take a focus on any project you bring to us like no one else can. We will analyze the scope of your project and guide you towards the right direction with the most efficient ways to complete your repairs or installations in both time & cost.

Residential Installations & Repairs



  • Las Vegas electrical contractor that meets your needs.
  • Residential lighting, fixtures, outlets & more.
  • Learn from our blog how to fix minor electrical repairs.
  • Call us for your next electrical repair.
  • Let us guide you with our home safety tips.
  • Installation projects of all sizes.
  • Portable generator installations & repairs.
  • Let us intall & troubleshoot your fluorescent fixtures
  • Maintenance is the key to avoiding expensive future repairs.
  • We inspect your home and make you aware of future repairs.
  • Electrical maintenance at an affordable cost.
  • Call us to make your next scheduled maintenance.

Knowledge & Experience

Knowledge and experience is everything and it is why Synergy makes the best effort to utilize that experience to save you money on electrical repairs compared to our competitors. We know that maintenance and repairs are part of the day to day life and taking care of those hurdles is why we are here, always keeping your time in mind. We understand that you too have a busy life style and we take it into consideration. When we say we’ll be there, we are never late!
Our services encompases all aspects of your homes electrical repairs from Lighting fixtures to Ceiling fan, door bells, chandelier installation & repairs and much more. Feel safe with our expertise in your hands.