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Las Vegas Electrical & Construction Services

Home Restoration

Fire, flood, and smoke damage can be a daunting task to clean up. Lucky for you the fire and water damage pros at Synergy Companies will have your home back to its original condition in no time.


Residential Electrician

Electrical problems in your home can cost a lot of money depending on the job, The professionals at Synergy can arrive at your home on schedule, finish the job on time and within a reasonable budget.


Residential Construction

When you’re ready to renovate your home into your dream escape, Preparing you next home improvements from conception to implementation is what we do best.


Commercial Contractor

Commercial construction projects need a dedicated team with a proven record in meeting deadlines and budget cost. We take necessary steps to ensure a smooth development in all phases of the project.

Residential Electrical

  • Emergency Backup Power
  • Energy saving solutions
  • Custom lighting installation
  • Project safety, OSHA certification
  • Project Cost Control
  • Project Inspection

Commercial Contractor

  • Chandelier Repair
  • Light Fixture Repair
  • & any other Electrical Need
  • Parking Lot Lighting
  • Code Upgrades
  • Security/Emergency Lighting

Construction Services

  • Construction Services
  • Fire & Water Damage Restoration
  • Commercial Contractor
  • Residential Electrician
  • Ceiling Fan Installation
  • Door Bell Installation

Why choose us

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We provide friendly and on-time electrical repair services for both residential and commercial properties throughout the Las Vegas Valley. With an impeccable on-time track record and a hands-down quality work guarantee, we’re confident you’ll love the results Synergy provides. We service both residential and commercial electrical needs. Give us a call at 702-Synergy (702-796-3749) to see what we can do together!

What Our Clients Say

We heard about Earl and his company through Home Depot, so we contacted him about having a custom door installed for the master bath. We got a quote in writing via email within just a couple of days. The work was to take two days, only because of drying time ...
Teri & Tony Ireland
He responded immediately to my urgent request on my breaker box for my A/C unit in my home. I have 3 animals so with the heat I needed I fixed ASAP. He showed up quick and completed the job within 15 minutes with a reasonable charge for a job well ...
Theresa (N. Las Vegas)
I had trouble with my coach lights, they were able to quickly troubleshoot the problem and fix it. It was a faulty photo sensor. A few days later I had more problems and when I contacted them again they were very quick about getting out here again. As it turns ...
Diane (Las Vegas)
Two very professional personnel showed up and had to do more than was expected. They knew exactly what to do and provided the most economical way possible to do the job. I am very satisfied with their work, level of professionalism and willingness to work with the cost. I definitely ...
Tomblin (Henderson)
They did a great job in a timely manner. They even cleaned up (vacuumed) afterwards.
Julie from Las Vegas

Las Vegas Electrical & Construction Services

“Synergy is the combination and cooperation of two or more entities to produce a cumulative effect far greater than the sum of it’s parts.” That’s us. You, me, the team, your dream – we are Synergy. Your big ideas and our highly skilled and experienced craftsmanship will produce a product that far exceeds your expectations. Synergy Companies is a collaborative effort of many professionals working in the builders’ industry. We’re a Las Vegas electrical contractor and construction services company that is dedicated to helping families, businesses, and people of all kinds with their building and electrical needs. Our strong drive for quality and safety has made us the number one go-to solution for many residential and commercial property owners since 2007. With a strong vision to create a safer, greener and more cost-efficient structural and electrical work, we never fail to make each day a chance to better ourselves and our services! Here are 4 best reasons (out of probably a thousand) why you should SYNERGIZE with us:

You Need Quality

You must’ve gone deaf already from hearing this line but we’ll say it again: Prevention is better than cure. It’s a classic. But maybe this line can never be stressed enough because of how important it is. Accidents and devastation often happens because of the way people approach things haphazardly. If you don’t build on quality, then expect to never stop building. Opt for cheap plumbing services and you’ll get a flood. Go cheap on building materials and your house is doomed for destruction – probably at the hands of a 3.5 earthquake. DIY your electrical installation and get fried batteries, appliances, or even hands. And what do you eventually do after suffering from the consequences of poor quality? You redo everything all over again. Maybe this time a bit stronger and sturdier but nonetheless an extra cost.

You Need Something That Fits With Your Budget

Trust that with Synergy, every cent of your hard-earned money is well valued. No hidden charges, no added costs, and definitely no waste. At Synergy, we make sure that our Las Vegas electrical and construction service estimates are 99.9% right all the time. And even if the 0.01% chance happens and we’re off by a notch, we’ll find ways to make things work. Why? Because we know what the term “budgeting” means. We know that few people have the extra funds to exceed the agreement, and we know how much stress our clients have to put up with when a contractor starts his sentence with “If we can just add …” We know our prices. And after a decade of collaborating with clients to help them build their perfect dwellings, we have come to master budgeting. When your budget is tight, don’t worry. We can make the most out of it!

You Need A Team That Doesn’t Waste Your Time

There will definitely be no do-overs. We are very confident that our skills and quality of work will match your expectations. We don’t take shortcuts or detours, and that’s what makes our services worthy of your time. We don’t work too fast because our work lasts. We can assure you that after we’re done with your job, you won’t be seeing us for a while. And that’s a good thing! It only means that the kind of work we do is of top-notch quality and can withstand the test of time.

You Need To Feel Safe

Why go for something cheap when you can go for something safe? Just going through our everyday life should tell us that nothing good ever comes from commodities that are way too cheap. What you should really learn from rip-off experiences is to stay on guard whenever you receive offers that are too good to be true – especially when it concerns matters that are significantly dangerous. If the roof of your gazebo falls off because of poor material, consider it dangerous. If the fuse on your electrical devices blows off because of defective electrical installations, consider it dangerous. Always take into account the danger that may come forth when a cheap service ends up proving itself to be cheap. Is saving a couple of bucks really worth it? Or, would you rather join our team and SYNERGIZE? Residential, commercial, structural, and electrical – just name it, we do it! Contact us today for a free Las Vegas quote!


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Electrical License Number: 68456

Limit: $750,000

General License Number: 77595

Limit: $1,400,000


Synergy Companies LLC. 7260 West Azure Dr. Suite 140-46 Las Vegas, NV 89130 Phone: (702) Synergy Phone: (702) 796-3749 Fax: (702) 933-3128 earl@synergycompaniesllc.com


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